Friday, July 9, 2010

Why Asian guys got it going on!!!!

Asian men are not only sweet and loving, they are also able to overcome the challenges they face in this society. I guess I can say that Asian men are in the face of jeopardy (being both Asian and male), because of the challenges they have to deal with, when it comes to dating. This has to do with how society portrayes them, and you can find examples of this in the media and on television. What I love about Asian men is that they're able to break away from these stereotypes. I also love their strength, the love they have for their cultures, and how they make great companions. They're all that!

Asian men are the best, and they deserve to have the best women. These men are hot, sexy and wonderful, and any woman would be lucky to have them.


  1. Very well put into words! All true!! Hmm~ I love Asian men too, and I'm totally reading your blog now that I found it!!

  2. I LOVE THIS BLOG!!!!!!!!!! (I'm 14 by the way and I am also African American born in Nigeria.)
    I totally support this blog. East asian guys rule!!!!!!!!!

  3. Yes I agree they do rule!!!! THEY ROCK!!!!

  4. I agree with all you people. Im 13teen and i have these cute behind asians at my school and the so athletic.