Friday, June 24, 2011

AMBW Korea Pre- Wedding Photos

I looove Blasian pairings, particularly Asian men/Black women pairings!!!

Always have been! Always will be!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

A Guide For Meeting Asian Guys!!!

Hi ladies, here's in article on one of the interracial blog sites that I love! This is an article for how Black women (and other women) can meet, date and interact with Asian men.

Hope you enjoy, and find it helpful, because I sure do!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Being Taken Advantage of for Liking a Certain Race....??

I was having a discussion with a friend about why I have the preference that I have for East Asian men, and why I made the choice that I made to date them. She was saying that if a guy finds out that I only date exclusively outside the race, and that I only date guys of his race. That he will try to take advantage of me, because of that. You know, because I like him, and I'm attracted to him. She was telling me this, because this was something that happened to her, when she was dating outside the race. She said that some of the guys took advantage of her, because she liked them, and they were nonblack (she's black).

I think she was just choosing the wrong guys to date, and be with. Because anyone of any race can take advantage of someone, and she knows this.

So what do you guys think?

Do you think that this is just a scare tactic to keep people (especially black women) from dating outside the race?

Because what she told me was no different than what other people say to prevent black women from thinking about dating outside the race. I know she didn't mean to come off that way, because she doesn't care if black women or if anyone else dates/marries outside the race as long as its for logical reasons. I'm doing it for good, valid logical reasons, and I told her that. I'm not doing it to be spiteful and mean.

So if any of you have been told this by a friend or relative, because of your preference for Asian men. How did you deal with it?

I'm asking this question, because I think its ridiculous how we have some people out there, who will say/do anything to keep people from dating outside the race. I'm not going to let my friend's bad experiences with interracial dating and what other people say/do keep me from pursuing my preference, and scare me away from being interested in Asian men.

I'm not going to live in fear, because of this, and you shouldn't either. If you like East Asian men, and you have a serious attraction to them. I would advice you to keep on pursuing it, and not worry about what other people have to say about it. Because that's what I'm going to do! :)

But if anyone can answer my questions.
Please put your answers in the comments section.

I'll be back later with more posts!

Sayonara for now!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Damn!! He's also very sexy and attractive!!! LOL!!!


He's so cute and sexy!!!


Cutie of the Moment: Unknown Cutie, Model, China


Cutie of the Moment: Unknown Cutie, Model, China