Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Phase?! I don't think so....

I will probably get approached by someone, and be told that what I'm going through is a phase. In other words, they would be telling me that my preference for Asian men is a phase. If someone were to tell me that I wouldn't really get it at all. The reason is because what kind of "phase" would they be talking about?

I would like to start off saying that this is not a phase at all, and second, if this were to be a phase, how come I have had this preference for the last 5 to 7 years now? I would consider this to be too long to be called a "phase". So why not have the courage to have the preference that I have? I can't really see myself marrying and/or having a lifetime relationship with anyone else, but an Asian man. That's just me.

So yes! I may get told this, but so what! I'm not going to live my life by what/how the society says I should live it, nor am I going to change to prove my "blackness" to anyone. I don't have to do that, and I'm not going to.

So I really don't care!
People can talk all they want!


  1. Preach! I totally agree with you, I've been told this a bunch of times and its sooo annoying.

  2. yeah someone may say that the "average" black woman will not give up her blackness for an asian man regardless of how sexy, gorgeous and established he is.

    just like someone may say that the "average" white woman will not give up her whiteness for an asian man regardless of how sexy, gorgeous and established he is.

    to me its just a bunch of bs! people like what they like, and people need to mind their own business, instead of going out of their way to try and convince someone that they're preference is a phase.

    i've never been told this, but still i really need to point this out.

  3. the reason why i'm pointing this out is because there's a guy(white) on here who likes black women, and he's been told that his preference is a phase. despite the fact that he's had this preference for years, now and there's no signs of it changing anytime soon! LOL!!!!

    some people are just funny, when it comes to this.