Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Own Insight: South Korea

I guess you can say I am living my life in a "mist." should I say this?

I am starting to know more about South Korea, now as well as North Korea from watching Arirang, and the Korean drama channel on TV. I now know how sexy, gorgeous and wonderful the men in South Korea are. I didn't know how gorgeous these guys are, until I found out about their culture, and started learning more about it. Whenever I see a gorgeous, sexy South Korean guy (i.e. Bi Rain, Se7en, etc.) its like I'm in a trance. Wow!! So fucking gorgeous!

Those sexy dark slanted eyes!
That sexy dark yellow caramel skin of theirs!
Oh how I love the really straight black hair! Its so gorgeous!

I would say East Asians are true beauties. They're very gorgeous people, especially the men. I have definitely learned something from this. Just like the other countries in East Asia (Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.) Korea has some sexy gorgeous, wonderful men, and they're great to look at just like other East Asian men are.

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