Thursday, April 14, 2011

How not to be brainwashed by hate.....

Here below are some easy steps for how not to get brainwashed by hate! I feel the need to do this, because there's too much of this going on. The steps are below:

Step 1:
First thing you have to do is turn off the damn TV! Someone once said that the television is an idiot box. Okay, it makes people stupid. Some of the shows and programs that are on today are just insane. You have people who watch this stuff, an then go to work, school or who will go to parties, etc. to talk about it, and think that you should know about all the bullshit that's being shown on whatever show they watch. This can end up being really dangerous, because the things they show on the TV end up being very hateful sometimes, especially when it comes to race, gender, people who have certain beliefs, sexuality, etc. The examples are how they have racist portrayals in the media, and of course on TV like I said earlier. You have certain races of people, particularly Black women and Asian men being stereotyped in a very harsh, cruel, demeaning, degrading, disrespectful, sexist and racist way on TV and in the media. Now I don't have to go into any of the examples (at least I hope I won't have to), because it should be obvious. When you look on TV and in the media. You will have racist people portraying Asian men in a negative way, and they make it look like they're asexual, nerdy, and that women don't want them, etc. They do the same thing to black women as well, and none of this is TRUE!!! People watch too much TV and they buy into this racist propaganda, and will believe what they see/watch. This is bad and dangerous. So I must tell you. Stop watching TV, and stop looking at/and listening to the media. Don't rely on these people, who perpetuate this nonsense for any information. Go out in the world, and find out things for yourself, and you will see that all these portrayals are LIES and are not TRUE!! You will also find that other things that they show on TV, and in the media are NOT always TRUE, too. So yes! Watch less television, and go out more, and don't absorb all this negativity and hatred that's shown. This is the first step!

Step 2: Be very careful who you choose to hang out with/be friends with, because this can have a very big impact on how people can end up being very hateful, too. If you have people, who harbor racist thoughts, and you are around them. Chances are you will be brainwashed into believing the hateful beliefs, views, thoughts and opinions that they have, too. I've seen examples of this. You will have some people, who have some hateful racist thoughts, because of their parents/family members and friends. Now of course this doesn't happen all the time, because you have a lot of people who actually overcome this, and they DON'T LISTEN to the hateful and racist stuff that their parents/family members and friends say. Make sure you surround yourself by positive, kind hearted, friendly, loving people who don't have any of this negativity. This are the people you should hang out with, and be friends with, and who you should socialize with. This is the second step!

Step 3: If you are a woman, who loves Asian men (like me), and you are seriously attracted to them. Avoid things and programs that show negativity towards Asian men and towards women, who like them. Don't listen to the negativity. Be sure to stay positive, and surround yourself with positive people. And don't let anyone talk you out of your preference for Asian men. If you have a strong preference for them, and you really like them, and find them to be the hottest, sexiest gorgeous nice guys that you've ever seen. Then go for it! FUCK WHAT EVERYONE ELSE SAYS!!! This is the third step!

These are the easy steps that I put here as a guide to not get brainwashed by hate! You must remember to always love yourself, and accept yourself for who you are and not buy into the hate that's being shown on TV and in the media. You must have extremely high self-esteem, and feel good about yourself, because this crap that they show on TV and in the media can make you crumble! And by crumble! I mean making you feel bad about yourself.

Asian men seem to have very high self-esteem and confidence in themselves! They obviously don't believe the hate and racist portrayals that they show of Asian men on TV and in the media. They know that they're wonderful, gorgeous sexy nice guys, and that's what I love about them. These are some of the things that attracts me to them!

That's it for this post! I really needed to put this post up, because I want people to stop buying into this hateful propaganda, and start thinking for themselves.

My name is Tokyo, and I will be back with more posts!
Sayonara for now!!


  1. this is a really good post and thanks for sharing ^_^

  2. So true....its important to live your life no matter how others see it cause in the end there is a better purpose. And to not give a crap if others care about your preferences.

  3. @ Charlie Rose,

    Thank you! I had to do it, because this crap is really getting out of hand, and it needs to stop. Too many people are already feeling bad about themselves, and we don't need that. No one of any race or gender should feel bad about themselves. People should avoid this negativity at all cost!

  4. @ Mimi-Louise-Love,

    Exactly that's true! People really shouldn't care what others think. We should live our lives, and not give a fuck about them.