Saturday, April 7, 2012

How to Approach/Date Sexy Jrockers.....

Konnichiwa everyone!!!! I have a question. Just how should/will I be able to approach I very sexy East Asian guy who's dressed up as a jrocker? And he's wearing sexy visual kei attire? That's my attire, too and how I like to dress. Should I just be confident in my approach towards this guy that I like, and to start up a conversation with him?

How should I be positive, when approaching guys like the ones in the pics on the right? How should I keep a positive attitude, when approaching him?

I'm asking this question, because this will be an interracial relationship of course, if things go further. And I know that not everyone is racist and close-minded. I love these type of guys, and I'm very attracted to them as you guys can see, and know based on my previous posts.

If any of you can answer my questions that would be great and very helpful!


Thank you very much!!!! :-)

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