Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Parents Telling Their Child/Children That Their First Boyfriend or Girlfriend Should Be The Same Race!!!

Konnichiwa everyone!! Sorry I haven't been on here much I've been really busy. I've finally found not one, but two nice jobs. I'm very happy and excited about that.

However, I'm here and back with another post about something and I feel that this should be discussed and talked about. So here's the post below. 

Have any of you guys ever wondered why some parents would tell their child/children that their first boyfriend or girlfriend should be the same race as they are? If so, what do you think about it? Do you think its right for parents to say that? Or do you(like me) think that its wrong?

I think its very wrong for the fact that race shouldn't matter. If you love a person and they love you, treat you right, respect and cherish you, then the race of the person doesn't matter. If you enjoy someone's company, you find them to be very attractive and they're fun and great to go out with/be with it shouldn't matter. It seems to me that in this day and age a lot of people(especially black women) still get a harder time about dating outside the race, which could be the reason why some people don't do it. I have to say this; it's 2012 and people have a right to date/be with/marry anyone that they want. It's their choice and they should have the right to do it. 

I would be really upset if my parents or a relative of mine were to tell me that my first boyfriend would have to be within my race(black) and that I can't date outside the race. Not that I would care or anything, because I'm still going to date who I like and who I prefer to date and be with. But it would still be upsetting to me, because to me it's racist. It's racist for parents to tell their children that, and they should be allowed to make their own choices on who they want to date. It's the person's choice whether or not they want to "venture" and go outside the race. Not the parents. 

So what do you think? If you're black, white or whatever and your parents were to say something similar like that to you. What would you think? Would you think that that's wrong? I know my answer to that is YES!! That is wrong and I don't agree with it. 

Parents should respect their son/daughter's choice and respect her preferences/attractions to other men even if they don't agree with it. They shouldn't put them down for it and make these kinds of comments. They should accept them as they are, and if they really love their child/children(which I'm hoping they do) then they would just accept them as they are and allow them to make their own choices for who they want to date regardless of race.

I feel that any woman of any race, who has a serious genuine attraction to East Asian men should pursue it. If that's what you really want and you love East Asian men then by all means. Go on ahead and date them. I'm sure going to, because I have a genuine interest and attraction to them as well as their cultures. They're down to earth and are very SEXY!!!

So what do you guys think about how some parents are telling their kids that their first boyfriend/girlfriend will have to be within their race? And that they can't date outside the race? You know just basically forcing them to ONLY date within the race and not allowing them to make that choice for themselves.  

How do you feel about that? Because it doesn't matter and it shouldn't matter to some people. 


Just leave me your thoughts about this, because I would like to know. 

I've heard of this happening and that's why I had to put this post up, because this is something that really needs to be discussed. 

Until next time I'll talk to you guys later!
Sayonara for now!!



  1. I'd like to be the women in some of those photos, lol.

    But, seriously, I don't think it should matter what a man or woman's race is. If you love someone who is not of your race or ethnicity, and you really enjoy being around that person, by all means pursue that relationship. Because right now, my sister, who is white, is in a relationship with a black guy she goes to school with. I think interracial romance is something that is very rare and when you do see it, it melts your heart, makes you say "aww, that's sweet." Besides, if I ever decide to date, I'd probably see if there are any cute Asian guys available. They're, like you said, down to earth, they care about others. They're also very family oriented. Because in Asia, family is in high honor. Besides, Asian guys are just HOT!

    But anywho, I think it's slightly biased for parents to say that a girl/boy can't date someone if they are of another race or ethnicity. I'm with ya all the way on the issue of interracial romance. And I'm glad I follow this blog, lots of cute Asian guys :D

  2. Yes I agree! Some people have been told that their first boyfriend/girlfriend does not have to be outside their race and that they need to date within their race. As if there's something wrong with a person who is dating for the first time going outside their race.

    This is just crazy and that's why I had to post the blog up, because its just so ridiculous and bias for parents to say these kind of things to their children. It just doesn't make any sense. We have a right to our preferences and to date whoever we want to date, and if someone chooses to date exclusively outside the race then that's what they're going to do.

    There's nothing wrong with it and as long as they're not being ignorant, hateful and racist about it then its fine.

  3. I'm with ya all the way on that issue. If I ever start dating, i want me a sexy lil Asian dude. Black hair, brown eyes, omg!! Hot hunk of guy, lol!! Besides, race should not matter. And if it's any consolation to anyone, right onw, I'm trying to learn how to read, write and speak both Chinese and Japanese. It's actually going slightly easier than I thought. I bought these 2 books on how to learn these languages, and man is it easy!! It even tells about traditions/customs to follow in China and Japan, festivals and local traditions to partake of, where to go, where to stay, what to do, amazing!

  4. Yeah I plan on learning how to read, write and speak Japanese, too. I dont expect to become fluent in the language, but I will at least know how to speak it, before I move to Japan.

    But yeah! It is dumb how people say such stupid things! I just cant believe it sometimes.

  5. Right now, I'm trying to, and somehow very successfully, teach myself to speak Japanese. God, I wanna see Japan so badly. What's kinda strange is that it seems like in China, they are almost all against women, they see women as nothing more than baby machines to bring boys into the world. That's kinda strange, they favor boys over girls. But, I really wanna see Japan soo badly. There are some cute Japanese guys there, like Hiroyuki Sanada, and even though he's an older gentleman, Ken Watanabe from The Last Samurai. He's pretty cute for an older guy and Masi Oka is not too bad.

  6. Yeah boys seem to be favored more in China than girls are, which doesnt make sense because you need girls/women to have babies for their race to continue. If there are no girls then no one will be born and the race will become extinct.

    But I wouldnt say that all Chinese guys in/from China are like that. Everyone is different.

  7. Yup, that's the thing. That's the only aspect of Chinese culture I don't understand. But, I still wanna visit that beautiful country, see all the beautiful historic locations there and same with Japan. IDK why, but ever since I was 13, Chinese and Japanese history and culture has been an ever increasing fascination of mine