Thursday, December 6, 2012


Just want to give a big ups to Koichi Domoto! 

A singer, song-writer, composer, lyricist, TV personality and actor from Japan. He's an AWESOME Japanese Idol. I think I will check him out! :-) He seems to be very talented and creative at what he does with his career, and he's sexy as HELL!!! 

He's only in his early 30's and he looks like he's in his early 20's. Just like many black people; East Asian people also seem to age very well and gracefully and they kind look younger than they are naturally without surgery. They have that gene just like we (blacks people) do. 

But anyway, he a great awesome Japanese Idol and I think I will be checking him and his work out. And you ladies should, too. 

I love the second photo of him with the eye glasses! He looks great with glasses and I love the light color hair on him. 

SO CUTE!!! :-)


  1. Oh my God, he's hot!!! Where do you find all these sexy lil hunks from Asia? And I have noticed that black people do age well and so do Asian people. omg, Denzel Washington! OMG, he's my lil chocolate angel! He's like fine wine, gets better with age, lmao!! But, man o man, is this guy cute!

  2. yeah i just look on google to find them. most of the guys i have on here i dont think are that popular or well known in america or anyone else(but i could be wrong). but these are known people from asia. notice how i have mostly men on here who are asia born, than i do men who are american born or european born? lol!!!

    but yeah i get people telling me i look very young all the time and im 25.

  3. Man this guy is hot!! How do you find them? Do you just google cute Asian guys or something? Because if that works, awesome!!! I usually just do a post of pics of some cute Asian dude or guy I seen in a movie, on TV, etc. Most of the time they end up being Asian. Imagine that? :D Because I just did a couple posts not too long ago about these 2 Asian guys I think are massively gorgeous, Daniel Dae Kim and Will Yun Lee.