Thursday, June 3, 2010

Japan and the Japanese Language

I absolutely love Japan. I love the culture, the music, the anime, the fashion, and the people there (especially the men! LOL!!!). It would be very nice to learn more about the history of Japan as well as learning the language as I plan to live there one day. My favorite city over there is Tokyo, because it's the fashion capitol of Japan, and as you know, I love fashion (especially Japanese fashion and gothic/punk rockish fashion).

I've never been there before, nor have I ever been outside the country to anywhere, except for visiting different states here in the USA where I'm from. But hey, you know I'm just saying it would be very nice to be there, because for me, that would be fair. Not only would it be fair, but it would also be really nice.

Sayonara for now!
This is Tokyo here!!

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