Monday, May 23, 2011

Asian Men in European Media

There's this interesting question that I've been asking myself:

Are Asian men in Europe in general portrayed better in the media than in the States (i.e. movies, modeling, videos, entertainment, etc.)? How so?

I know how Asian men are portrayed here in the states, but I don't know if its the same in Europe. But I would say that the portrayal of Asians is probably the same over in Europe as it is in the States.

First of all, I know that Europe is very inspired by the American culture in so many ways. From entertainment, food, fashion, etc. I realize that a lot of the shows and movies that we watch here in the States are very popular in Europe. So they're very common there, and a lot of Europeans watch them. So because of this, I think its the same in Europe as it is in the states, when it comes to how Asian men are being portrayed. However, I think that Europe is looking at the American culture in a not always "dead serious" way, because I don't know if whether or not they believe these negative portrayals like Americans do, and if they take them seriously. They may take them seriously, but I don't know if they do or not. So if Asian men are portrayed one way in America, and are portrayed another way in Europe. Then this must mean that Europeans can see through it. Just like they can see through the portrayals of Black women. But in many ways, Asian men often appear in the media as being the "victim"-like being portrayed as shy, nerdy, asexual, and not wanted by women. These are negative portrayals that seem to always appear in the media. These are images that are not true. I don't know if whether or not Europe believes this nonsense like Americans do. No one should believe it!! It's really that simple.

However, in many ways, Asian men are shown in a positive way. Like in creativity for example. They are shown as being very creative in music, fashion, acting, etc. Like Bi Rain, Miyavi, Shin Koyamada and Justin Chou! These guys are very creative and are very inspiring, when they are singing their music, modeling in great fashion, and acting in movies, and playing perfect roles in movies. They have an appreciation for their culture as well as other cultures. So I would say that there's no easy answer to this question that I've been asking myself.

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