Friday, May 20, 2011


I was having a discussion with a friend about people having a preference to date a certain race of people. These people have their own reasons for why they're attracted to a certain race of people (or a certain group of people), and why they prefer to date them, and its not always for hatred, or to be mean and spiteful. A lot of people have good legit reasons for why they have the preference that they have. Just like I have my reasons for why I like Asian men. It's not for hatred, or to be mean and spiteful, and when I told my friend about this. She says its being superficial.

So I have to ask you. Is this blog too superficial?
Because it doesn't promote hatred, or racism, or anything like that.


  1. it's not at all. I myself have always been attracted to asian me at a vary young age Vary young 6 y/o to be perscice. some ppl won't understand y ppl are attracted to ppl of a particular race.

  2. yeah i think you're right. some people would never understand, and i think that includes my mom and my friend. they may never understand me.

    my mom prefers black men. that's all she has ever dated. she's never dated outside her race, because its not something that she wants to do. she's just not interested in dating/marrying interracially, and she shouldn't be questioned or judged for it, because she doesn't want to do it. she just prefers to date within her race (she's black).

    same thing with me, i prefer to date east asian men for the reasons that i gave in an early post from last year. and its not for hatred or to be mean and spiteful. i'm not dating exclusively outside my race for those reasons. i want to/and prefer to date asian guys for my own reasons, and there are good valid legit reasons. its not for hatred or to be mean and spiteful. that's not the kind of person i am, and i'm not doing it for those reasons.

    so no, there's nothing wrong with having a specific preference for a particular race of people. as long as its for good logical legit reasons, and not to be mean, spiteful and hateful.

  3. so no, its not superficial! i agree with you. its not superficial at all.