Friday, November 18, 2011

A Few Things I Love About East Asian Men!!!

Konnichiwa everyone!!
How are you??

It's been a while since I've last posted a blog on here, but I'm back now, and I'm here with another post.

The post is going to be about the few things that I love about East Asian men.

I'm going to start off by talking about their beauty! Yes! Guys can be beautiful, too not just women. LOL!! But yes! They're absolutely gorgeous, very stunning looking men.

Their hair is so gorgeous and so beautiful, and I know that I've said that quite a few times, but I feel the need to say it again, because its the truth. They have the most gorgeous, sexy hair and it seems to be very manageable. Its black, naturally really straight, and really beautiful. They can style it any way they want, because of the texture, and they can wear any color that they want in their hair, and still rock it, and look really good/sexy with the color. Whether that be their natural hair color black, or brown/brunette, white, blonde, red or nylon colors (like what Miyavi wears in his hair. Refer back to his pictures to see). They have the right hair texture to wear whatever they want, because its easier for them to get these sexy hairstyles that they be wearing naturally without having to alter their texture (unless they decide to wear curls). They can wear it short or long in any style that suits them, and looks great on them. I would consider their hair to be the most manageable on the planet. It's really straight, black (dark), so shiny and healthy, and it looks so gorgeous!! I LOVE THEIR HAIR!!! :-)

Their eyes are absolutely gorgeous! It's just the way they look, and the color. It's just so natural to them, and its a characteristic that makes them unique. No one else will have those gorgeous eyes, unless they're mixed with Asian or have Asian ancestry. They're dark brown, slanted and beautiful, and they're breath taking.

They have very gorgeous skin that will look great with any color they choose to wear whether that be a hair color, and colors in their clothes. They have this nice sexy caramel light skin complexion that's more darker and pigmented then Caucasians. Asian men definitely have the skin with color. It's really nice, and Asian men can wear any hair color with it. Any hair color they choose to wear will look great with their skin, because of the tone and will bring out their features.

I also love how they're able to age very slowly (like me), and look very young!! That's a place for me, because I will have a guy who will be maintaining his looks for a very, very long time without cosmetics. Just like with blacks and other people. This trait with aging slowly is something that's very natural to them, and really sexy. I think it has to do with their healthy diets or with the skin pigment. I don't know what it is, but they're able to age very slowly naturally.

Asian men have a nice built where they can wear all kinds of different clothing, and look great! I prefer athletic looking guys, and guys who are taller than me, but regardless of what body type an Asian guy has or how tall he is. If he's healthy, in shape and looking great. And he's working out, and taking care of himself! He will look really good, sexy and very attractive.

The way they dress is just so nice, and very appealing to me. They have the best fashion sense, and the best style out there. They can be very creative, when it comes to fashion and they have the best look. They have this look that just comes to them naturally, and it makes them look very edgy. They can dress in any type of fashion out there that's catered to them, including visual kei fashion/rocker fashion/pop fashion as well as other types of clothes ou there that give them that look, which is a look that makes them stand out in a good way from other men. They are able to look very attractive, and they have a lot of sex appeal. People want to say all the time how Asian men look feminine and how they're Asexual, and that's just NOT TRUE! It's not true at all. Asian men not only have a lot of sex appeal, they also look very manly and very fashionable. They are able to catch any woman's eye and attention with how they dress. I know this, because they've certainly caught my eye, and other women's eyes. They are able to attract women, because they're hot, sexy and wonderful, regardless of what racist America has to say.

So yes! It's just that natural look that they have, when they dress the way that they dress. They have that edgyness, and that sex appeal. They are able to dress their asses off, and look absolutely stunning!! I love how they dress. I think they are the men, who can dress the best, and look the sexiest! I feel that they have the best look that no other man can pull off. Asian men seem to be the best (the only ones) that can pull this look (that they have) off. They look really great and sexy with their fashion looks! I feel that these are true statements, and I'm sticking to them.

Because Asian men seem to have a lot of sex appeal! I think they're sexuality is very notceable, and that's great. I LOVE IT!! I was once told by someone that Asian men are/make better lovers, and I think that there's a lot of truth to that statement. I've never been with an Asian men, but I sure would love to be with them. They are wonderful, sexy creatures, and it seems to me that they make better partners for dating and relationships/marriages, and better fantastic lovers! ;-)

Not only do Asian men have awesome beautiful smiles, but their attitudes towards the way things are (especially being in a world where there's a lot of negative stereotypes about them) seems to be very positive. They have high self-esteem, they're very confident in themselves, and they have a love and appreciation for their cultures as well as having respect for other people, and their cultures. They don't let what racist people say bother them, and that's what I like about them. I love that confidence that they have, and how hard working and wonderful they are as men. So yes! I would definitely agree that they're attitude is positive most of the time.

They can also be very friendly at times, and smile at you or greet you if you smile at them, and say hello. Like I said earlier, they have a very gorgeous smile, and I think they would be great kissers. I have to get with an Asian guy to see it for myself. With those sexy lips they have and that smile. They're probably the best kissers! :-)

Asian men are the most inspiring in the workplace, and how they provide for their families. They've always worked really hard to provide for their families, and to also provide a great stable life for themselves, too. Asian men seem to take the best care of their women and children ever. They are great providers, and they make good partners/husbands and fathers, and great lovers like I said earlier (that's if you're interested in marriage and children). They are wonderful and loving.

I can definitely see myself having an Asian men for a lover, and for a great partner for dating and relationships. They are great, and if you look at history. Asian men have always worked hard, and I think that they've always had wealth, too I'm not sure. I have to do some research on that, but other then that they are definitely great, sexy, loving, caring, and wonderful men, and any women (of any race) will be lucky to have them.


I will be back with more posts, but for now Sayonara!!

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