Sunday, October 31, 2010

Alexander Wang

I would like to give a big-up to this very gorgeous fashion designer, Alexander Wang. He's a perfect representation of Asian men, and their hard working progress to be successful in their careers. He also represents the beauty of East Asians (East Asian men)! We need more guys like him to be represented in a positive way in all countries, especially here in the states (America). He has wonderful clothes that I would love to wear. Yes I am into fashion like that, because I've graduated, and gotten a degree in fashion design.

I consider it to be love to give props to the sexiest, most attractive men in the world - Asian men!

Alexander has a very nice, wonderful line for women that consists of casual dress, some formal dress, and I think some ready-to-wear. But you know, I wonder if him and Vera Wang are related? Because they're both great talented designers!

I just a love, admiration and appreciation for Asian culture, and Asian heritage. Its something should definitely be celebrated just like the Black cultures, Indian cultures, and all of the other cultures we have in the world!

Its very awesome!!!

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