Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Beautiful Asian TOKYO!!!!

I can't wait to get to move to Tokyo, Japan where there are a lot of single, sexy drop-dead gorgeous Asian (Japanese) men. I know for a fact that I'll love this country and this city. I have to find out about the good places to go to!

I'm also looking forward to seeing more Blasian (Black/Asian) couples there, especially the ones that involve Asian men/Black women!!!!


  1. When are you planning on moving to Tokyo? Keep me posted and write about your experience.

  2. I plan on moving there asap!!! I want to get the hell out this country. The things blacks have been through here in the states are just horrible, and I hear they're (black people, especially black women) appreciated, praised, respected, and more accepted over there, then they are here.

    I refuse to be in a country where I will have to deal with being called the N-word, and where I will never be accpeted.

    But yes I might write about my experience there, but it won't be a book! LOL!!!! Seriously, it won't. I will just be a post here on my blog.

  3. I also noticed that you follow sarataylor's blog! i love her blog, too.