Saturday, January 15, 2011

East Asian is sexy.....

Yes! That's right!
East Asian is sexy-as an East Asian features are sexy.

I'll start with this-everyone of ALL cultures are beautiful and gorgeous in their OWN UNIQUE ways. I'm making this statement to look beyond what the media is brainwashing us with.

I'm telling it like it is. Beyond stereotypes, prejudices and distorted ideals in the media. I don't think this is anything new, when it comes to my blog. However, I think its time to up-lift darker skinned, straight dark/black haired, dark gorgeous slanted eyed guys, and by that I mean up-lifting East Asian men. I may get some negative comments on this, but I don't give a damn! Who cares what they think! Its time to give more representation of sexy dark skinned, straight dark/black haired, dark gorgeous slanted eyed East Asian men. We need to have more positives images, and positive portrayals of Asian men. Having these features is NOT only sexy, but its also a good thing! Its something very beautiful, and sexy just like other features from other cultures. Its a unique trait that Asian men have, and it needs to be shown and represented more in the media.

We don't need the distorted ideal that's shown in here in the west anymore. I'm sick of seeing it repeatedly. I'm tired of just seeing white men, and other races of men being portrayed as someone who's sexy, attractive and as the ideal man. I don't like having it in my face all the time.

I want to see more images of Asian men who are sexy, attractive and who are the ideal men, too.

They shouldn't be excluded!
They need to be included!!

Everyone from all cultures are beautiful, whether they're East Asian or not.

Be Proud!

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