Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Girl Meeting Her Dream Guy....

Just something I thought of! LOL!!! I enjoy writing stories, and this is something I wrote. This is about a girl meeting someone, who ends up being very special. You know, her dream guy! I hope everyone likes the story. Feel free to post a comment, after reading it.

Hina takes off her jacket, and walks into the room. Her best friend Melody, who owns a share of a record company, seems to always have a lot of guys being very attracted to her, and interested in her as usual. She looked up at her and asked her for help. Hina just laughed. Her and her best friend are both used to all the attention that they get from guys. They always got male attention, even in high school, when they started dating.

Hina is a very petite, really thin and slim young African American woman. She's very pretty, and in her mid 20's. She's brown skinned with dark brown eyes, and with long nice shoulder length jet black hair. However, Melody is the complete opposite! She's a tall, thin and slim young Caucasian American woman in her mid 20's. She too is also very pretty and attractive. She's fair skinned with blue eyes, and with nice medium length blonde hair. They both have tattoos and body piercings, and they have this beautiful, gorgeous nice jrock/visual kei/harajuku/Japanese gothic lolita look going on! IT'S AWESOME!!!

What most men don't know is that Hina, and her best friend Melody both preferred East Asian men. Her friends and family had long ago came to terms with it, and it no longer seem to matter, that is, except to a lot of black men, white men and other races of men. A lot of men often get angry, and upset when seeing her with her dates. But she is now looking for a long-term relationship, and ready to settle down. She's been having dreams of a wonderful, loving husband and maybe 3 to 4 children. She just sat there, and sighed as she realized Melody was standing by her squinting. "Penny for your thoughts" Melody pulled out a chair and sat down. Hina just shook her head, and wasn't sure if she was ready to admit what was on her mind. Melody then invites another friend of theirs to come into the room, and her name is Kyounga. She too grabs a chair to sit down. Hina sighs. When the three of them got together, all they seemed to talk about was their favorite artists, korean/japanese drama movies, jrock, kpop, etc., but she just wasn't in the mood to talk about it. Kyounga looked closely at her. Her gorgeous caramel yellow skin shining in the lights along with her long straight black hair "What's wrong Hina?" Melody broke in "I think its guy trouble". "No, I just....I guess I'm just bored" Hina confessed hoping they would drop the subject. Melody was in amusement. "What are you bored about? Did a guy do something to you? What's wrong?" Hina looked up at her, and didn't answer. She feels that her life is just empty. "Listen Hina", she said "I need you to do something...." Hina cut her off. "Um no! No I'm not going to fire anyone for you. You will have to deal with the issue yourself" Melody then says "No Hina that's not it. I don't need you to do that. I'm cabable of doing that myself. Don't worry, this is about something else." Kyounga then begans speaking "There are two guys who want to take you out, One wants to go out this week, and the other one wants to go out next week." Hina says all excitingly "Oh Really? You got me some blind dates Melody?" Melody answers "Listen Hina one is your dream guy, and the right one for you I guarantee it. I have these two dates set up for you with these really great guys, who are very interested in meeting you. Like I said before, one of these guys is the one for you." Hina sits there in silence for a few minutes "Well...why me exactly? Why not Kyounga?" Melody looks at her rolling her eyes, and smiling "I told them about you Hina. I told them what a great person you are, and how pretty you are. They want to meet you, and have the chance of taking you out." Kyounga smiled "Yeah one of them we think is just perfect for you. You'll see he's absolutely gorgeous! The other guy is too, but he's kind of a bit on the shy side, you know? But who knows, you may like him, instead of the other guy. He may be the right one for you, instead." Hina was very excited at first, but now she's not liking it. She doesn't like it, when people pick out her dates for the fact that she's cabable of choosing her own dates/boyfriends. She doesn't need anyone to set her up, and/or pick her dates. Melody did not take no for an answer, and Hina finally agreed "
I hope the dates go well, and that they like me" she thought "I'm hoping I can find something special with one of these guys" she then says to both of them "Thinks for the chat I have to go. I have some shopping to do..."

A green Mitsubishi vehicle approaches her house, and a young gorgeous Chinese guy in his mid 20's gets out the car, closes the door and walks the house. He's 5'10, thin and athletic looking with caramel yellow skin, sexy really short straight black hair and beautiful dark brown eyes. He's wearing a white long sleeve button up shirt with black dress slacks, dress shoes, and a black matching blazer. The door opens, and Hina appears in a nice gorgeous green floral spaghetti strap dress that's finger tip length. She's wearing a white jacket with a matching handbag, cute shoes, and wearing her hair up in a gorgeous style. She is also wearing very little makeup and jewelry. She look great, and he found her very attractive. The guy's real name is Shen Chueng, but everyone calls him 'Nelsen'. The guy was so shy to the point where she had to let it be known that its okay to talk. They got in the car, and they went to the movies. The movie was about 3 hours, and 30 minutes long. Then he took her for a nice walk in the park where they were able to have some more time to talk. As cute as Nelsen was, and as nice as he is. Hina knew first hand that the date wasn't going anywhere. They had a great time, however, he just got himself stuck in the 'friend zone', even though he really liked her. He took her home, and he walked her to the door saying goodnight. They hugged each other, an then she goes inside. He goes to his car and leaves hoping he will get another date with her. But it never happened.

A week later, Hina goes out on her date with the second guy. A nice white Japanese styled vehicle approaches her house, and a very nice looking, sexy gorgeous Asian guy gets out the car, and walks to the house. His name is Inu Taishu Higarushyo, and he's South Korean and Japanese. He's 6'2, thin and athletic looking with very, very dark caramel yellow skin, really long sexy straight black hair pulled into a low ponytail, and dark brown eyes. He's wearing a black/white pinstripe long sleeve button up shirt with white dress slacks, dress shoes and a matching blazer. He's actually cuter and more attractive then Nelsen. Not to mention having some tattoos, and a couple body piercings just like Hina does. The door opens, and Hina appears in some nice studded blue jeans, a nice sexy white blouse, matching shoes and a matching handbag. She's wearing very little makeup and jewelry, and her hair is hanging all down in some very cute style. Inu Taishu is obviously very attracted to her, and he even complimented her. They leave and go into the car, and they go to dinner. They're talking as they eat, and she's telling him a little about herself. He's very interested in knowing more about her, and she's of course interested in knowing more about him, too. They had a great time at dinner, and now they're going to the club to dance, hang out and get to know each other more. They left, after he paid the tip for their meals. They went to a club called 'Filthy Beauty' which is a visual kei/jrock club where all the jrockers hang out. There's jrock music playing very loud in the club, and they're dancing and having fun! He's enjoying her company. He's glad to be out with her. Now that they're done dancing, they went and sat down to have a drink and to get to know each other more. Hina is starting to like him more and more for the fact that they have a lot in common as well as having the same interests, goals, morals and values/beliefs. Inu Taishu is n NOT shy at all!! He's very outgoing, and he has a lot of confidence in himself. He's someone who's secure, and she loves that about him. He likes her, and she likes him. He's just sitting there constantly telling her how beautiful she is, and how nice of a person she is. The date was now over, and he was taking her home. They had a really great time together on their date. He walked her to the door, and before she went inside. He asked her out again. This time he was going to have a spontanious plan for a nice dinner and a movie for the both of them. She said yes, and agreed to go out with him again. Then they hugged, and he gave her a little kiss in the lips. She felt all warm inside and smiled, after he kissed her, and he stood there smiling back at her. They stood there for a while, until they finally said goodnight and bye to each other for the last time. She goes inside, and he walks to his car, and leaves to go home. He can't wait, until their second date together. He's going to plan something fun, romantic and special for Hina. "Damn Melody! Why didn't you tell me I was going to meet my dream guy?" she said in a very happy tone to herself.

So yes! As you can see, Hina had met her dream guy. A guy who really likes her, and is interested in dating her. As they continued dating and seeing each other. They ended up in a romantic long-term relationship, which has a chance to lead to marriage!

Nelsen, who was the guy she went out with last time, wanted to tell her these things, and open up to her, but he was too shy. She guess it's natural for the fact that he really liked her, but Inu Taishu likes her, too and he's interested in her.

This is a story of an Asian guy finding love from not only a woman of another race, but also a woman who of course is very attracted to him, and is interested in dating him. She wants to be with him, and he wants to be with her.

This is the first story I've ever wroted and posted here on this blog. I may write more stories.
Yes love is out there, and anyone can find it. Even Asian men. They deserve to have great women, who love them, regardless of their race.

So tell me, what did you guys think of this story?

I thought it was nice?

Please post your thoughts!

Thank you!
I'm Tokyo, and I'm signing out, now!
Talk to you guys later!

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  1. Hey I'm an Asian guy (Malaysian half-Chinese, half Sri Lankan Tamil), and since I'm a product of an interracial marriage I think interracial marriage is great and race should NOT be a barrier to love.

    I'm an aspiring writer too - and while I like the message that you're trying to get across, I think you could improve your craft by doing more 'showing' and less 'telling'. It would be more interesting to show us how the characters feel by including some dialogue and describing their body language as they interact with each other. Was there any blushing? Any awkward moments? And body contact? What did they say to each other, etc.

    Your descriptions of physical appearances are great, but I think it would be better to describe what was happening (imagine that you're a fly on the wall watching them at their dinner date) rather than telling us outright what they're feeling. There's definitely potential in this story, so keep working on it :)