Thursday, November 18, 2010

I love my "taste" in men.....

I know I may hear SOME people say something like, "Your taste in men sucks". But I don't really GIVE A DAMN what people think or have to say about my taste, and preference in men. I'm going to make this loud and clear: I'm very proud of my taste in men. I love what I love. But it's still interesting how we have some people, who diss Asian men, and make them out to be this stereotypical negative Asexual beings, and they're NOT! They're not close to being the stereotype that MOST people like to put on them. They're the exact opposite of how they're being portrayed in the media. They're great, sexy and all that in my book!

With that being said, taste is something very, very subject. And I'm very happy to have a "different" taste than most people do (especially a lot of blacks). And to be honest, I'm very pleased with my taste in men, and I'm glad to have it.

Maybe my taste in men will/would suck to other people, but who cares? NOT ME! I'm proud of my taste, and its GOOD to have!!

But I'm curious to know, is there anyone out there, who thinks my taste in men sucks (you have photos here on my blog to refer to)?

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