Monday, November 29, 2010

Love these looks.....

Like I said earlier, and I will say it again! Asian men have the best looks, when it comes to their hair, and of course how they dress. But right now, I will focus on their hair. This picture shows some more of the different looks that Asian men wear. I really love the one with blonde hair. Asians can look great wearing any color in their hair, including really light shades of blonde, because of the sexy gorgeous skin tones that they have. These are some awesome, fabulous cuts that these guys are all wearing. They're not only very stylish, but they're also very fashionable, too. They all look GREAT!!!


  1. JAEJOONG!!!!!!!! I Love all of his hairstyles...

  2. Um, that's the SAME guy from DBSK. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE him! ^o^