Monday, November 1, 2010

Mana, Jrocker and Designer!!!!!

Mana is actually cute and attractive when you get him from perfect angle/pose, and when he's in more manly attire. He's very sexy, and gorgeous just like the other Jrockers I've posted on here!!! LOL!!!! I'm actually starting to like him more now as I look at him.

He's a Japanese designer with his own clothing line that consists of Japanese Gothic Lolita fashion for women. He's also a member of the Jrock band, Malice Mizer. I must take the time to listen to some of their music! I looove the HELL out of Jrock/Visual Kei music, fashion and style. Its one of my favorite things.

Here are two pictures from his clothing line. His line is 'Moi Meme Moitie'. Google it, when you get a chance! If only I was able to buy some of his clothes!

You can also google his band, Malice Mizer if you wish to!

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