Saturday, November 20, 2010

Just a thought......

I don't know whether or not to come to some sort of conclusion, when it comes to this. But I will say again that this has to do with the media, and how it makes people think. I'm not sure if this is true or not, but this is something I've heard. I've never been to Japan, South Korea or any part of East Asia, but I get the feeling that most Asian men feel as if most women-particularly western women don't find them attractive. If I mention that Asian men are my true preference, and who I prefer. I wonder if they would even believe me? I wonder if a lot of Asian men already have it in their minds, who they think western women prefer? Do you think Asian men will be in shock if they find out about my preference, when it comes to men?

I ask these questions, because I want to let it be known that what the media, and everyone else is saying is a lie! What these people say about Asian men is really no different than what they say about Black women. It's all a bunch of bullshit! Don't believe the HYPE!!! This is NOT a joke! I really do love Asian men! There are other western women, who love them as well, and there are also Black women (like myself) who love Asian men, too.

These are just my thoughts about this whole thing. You can give your thoughts about this, and post it in the comment section.

Tell me. Do you think what/how the media portrays/says about Asian men is true? Or do you (like me) think its a bunch of BS?

I think its time for people to stop paying attention to this bullshit, and start thinking for themselves.


  1. The media stereotypes a lot of races and cultures. I'm with you.East asian guys are definitely attractive and should be told so. peace!

  2. yes and so are a lot of black women. we should be told that more often, too instead of stereotyped and put down negatively like that. that's wrong.