Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sexy pics of Bi Rain....

Damn! He's gorgeous!!!

I love how he looks in all his photos. He's not only a great artist. He's also a great actor, and gorgeous model. I've seen his movie, "Full House". I Absolutely looooove it, and its a great movie like "Life Japanese Drama". He looked so sexy and GORGEOUS in that movie. He played his role really well, and its GREAT!!! He's also a designer, too. I wonder if he designs fashion. I must find out, because I love fashion.

He's looking FINE in Calvin Klein's clothes, and I love him with long hair and short hair. He looks great with both looks.

Asian men have many, many ways of looking great, and very sexy with their hairstyles/hair colors, and their fashion choices. They just have very nice ways of always looking GOOD!!! Trust me on that!

I probably had already mentioned time and time again how I had majored in fashion design, which is why I have a love for fashion.

He has a great voice!
He looks great, and he's very awesome and talented!


  1. I love him with long hair. Hell, I think Asian men are soo hot with long hair LOL.

    Great blog by the way :) You introduce me to a lot of these asian artists that I've never knew about...especially J-pop!

  2. thank you! i loooove me some jrock/visual kei!!

  3. wow!!!
    what a hottie!!!! rain bi,,,

  4. Meu gato tesudo -v- Annyeong Haseyo ~
    Isso, sou Brasileira HAUSHAUHS enfin,
    Esse gostoso do Rain mata qual quer um HAUSHAU