Monday, November 22, 2010

JYJ and Black Girls.....

I would definitely say that this is a GOOD sign! It seems to popping up more and more then it usually does. I'm starting to see more and more Asian men (like JYJ) showing interest in Black women, and it makes me happy. I'm very happy to see more and more Asian men and Black women opening themselves to each other. Even though these kind of pairings are rare here in the states. They're popular in other parts of the world, including in Japan, South Korea, China, etc...

However, these Blasian pairings are becoming more and more common now here in the states, especially in places like New York, California and Charlotte, North Carolina where they have larger populations of Asians and of course Blacks.

I think this is a very positive thing. To see sexy as men like this guy from JYJ showing interest in this black women. As a black woman this really makes smile. I'm looking forward to seeing more of these kind of pairings.

I love that pic below with the black girl in it.
She's on stage dancing while JYJ perform.




  1. Very good to see indeed! Thanks for sharing! I will look into JYJ alot more! :)

  2. Damn I love this!!!